Multnomah Lodge #1

Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
Grand Lodge of Oregon
Chartered in 1846 by the Grand Lodge of Missouri

Portland Scottish Rite Center
1525 SW Yamhill St.
Portland, OR 97205

Stated Meeting:
2nd Monday at 7 PM



We must welcome the future, remembering that soon it will be the past; and we must respect the past, remembering that it was once all that was humanly possible.  — George Santayana


Whether you are a Master Mason from Oregon or elsewhere around the world, or simply interested in Freemasonry or the Grand Lodge of Oregon, you’ve come to the right place. Multnomah Lodge is the first lodge chartered in Oregon!

On this site you will find information on programs and projects that exemplify all that we aspire to be, good men made better through the traditions and lessons of Freemasonry. This website is new, and we hope to expand and improve it further to serve the Brethren and the public over the upcoming year, so feel free to check back with us.

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Multnomah Lodge No. 1 was formed after an advertisement was placed in the first issue of the Oregon City Spectator in February 1846. A total of seven Freemasons, led by Joseph Hull, P.G. Stewart, and William P. Dougherty, signed a petition to the Grand Lodge of Missouri for a charter for a lodge in Oregon City, to be known as Multnomah Lodge with the number 84. The charter was granted in 1846, although the document did not arrive in Oregon City until 1848. In 1848, the Masons met in the second floor of a log store near Willamette Falls. In 1850, Captain John C. Ainsworth was elected the first Worshipful Master in the Oregon Territory under the Missouri charter.

Multnomah Lodge No. 1 is the oldest Masonic Lodge west of the Missouri River.

In 1851, representatives from three Oregon Territory lodges met to consider forming the Grand Lodge of Oregon — Multnomah Lodge #84 (Missouri), Willamette Lodge #11 (California) and Lafayette Lodge #15 (California). The Grand Lodge of Oregon was founded on September 15, 1851. The charters of the three lodges were turned in, but instead of issuing new charters, the new Grand Lodge of Oregon endorsed the originals, renaming the three lodges Multnomah No. 1, Willamette No. 2, and Lafayette No. 3.

The original charter of Lafayette No. 3 (now Union No. 3 in McMinnville, Oregon) is still in existence. It is in the vault of the Grand Lodge of Oregon. The original charters of the other two were destroyed by fire (in 2014, a replacement charter was issued in Missouri for Multnomah Lodge No. 84 and endorsed by the current Grand Masters of Missouri and Oregon — this replacement charter is stored in the vault of the Grand Lodge of Oregon in the original trunk that carried the first charter from Missouri to Oregon in 1846-1848 and a copy hangs in the lodge room at the Portland Scottish Rite Center).

The first charter actually issued by the Grand Lodge of Oregon was to Salem No. 4 on June 21, 1852, at the first Annual Communication.

In June of 1846, a treaty with the British was concluded by the US establishing the border between the US and Canada at the 49th parallel. On March 2, 1853, the Oregon Territory was split into two smaller territories — the Oregon Territory and the Washington Territory.

After it’s organization, the Grand Lodge of Oregon granted many charters in the new Washington Territory. Four lodges chartered by Oregon — Olympia No. 5, Stielacoom No. 8, Grand Mound No. 21 and Washington No. 22 — organized the Grand Lodge of Washington on December 8, 1858. The four lodges were re-numbered Olympia No. 1, Stielacoom No 2, Grand Mound No. 3 and Washington No. 4 (because of it’s proximity to Portland, we have especially cordial relations with the brethren of Washington Lodge No. 4; and, because of familial relationships, we have especially cordial relations with the brethren of Olympia No. 1). The numbers 5, 8, 21 and 22 are no longer on the rolls of the Grand Lodge of Oregon.

Oregon was granted Statehood on February 14, 1859 as the 33rd State. Washington was granted Statehood on November 11, 1889 as the 42nd State.